Who we are

L’Association des Veuves du Génocide Agahozo, en abrégé “AVEGA”  is a non-profit making organization(asbl) created on 15th  january 1995 by 50 Genocide Widows who were based in Kigali and survived the 1994 Genocide, Legal personality was given by a  Ministerial order No 156/05 of 30th October 1995, as modified by a Ministerial order No 89/11 of 05th May 2006. L’association des veuves du Génocide Agahozo (AVEGA) is an organization which operates throughout the country since 1995. The head office is located at Kigali nearby Chez Lando Hotel

The creation of AVEGA took also root from the awareness that “unity makes strength“, and that only by combining their efforts and organizing themselves, these widows could successfully deal with their common problems and handle male and female женский блог them. AVEGA membership is currently around 20,000 including 1686 who are over 70 years of age and 732 have lost their relatives husbands and children (nuclear families) and have no family at all and1599 who are HIV positive due to sexual assault during the 1994 Genocide and additional to that 1122 children are born out of rape experienced by women during the Genocide. AVEGA to attain its objectives ought to set out its.