AVEGA Agahozo and RDB visited Cooperative Ineza

On a Thursday afternoon of 29th June, 2017 AVEGA Agahozo and Rwanda Development Board (RDB) visited widows of Cooperative Ineza, at their headquarters located in Gasabo District, Remera sector. These widows warmly welcomed both institutions, wearing mushanana and big bright smiles. They had properly set up the place with arranged chairs and wall decorations. The pieces of crafts that are handmade by them brightened up the place the most.


Cooperative members welcoming visitors.
After welcoming the village leader of where the cooperative is located, representatives of RDB and AVEGA, the Master of the ceremony went on with briefly explaining and introducing Cooperative Ineza. She says, “Cooperative Ineza was created by the widows of the Genocide against Tutsi in 1994. The cooperative was created in order for us, widows, to take a step forward getting out of loneliness, bringing back hope to our lives, and providing for our children and families.Therefore, we went for the art of sewing. We started off with dolls then reached back bags. In our work which starts from Monday to Friday we sew and dance for customers who purchase our products. Now, we are visited by high-end people such as you. We lost our families but the Rwandese family is still there.”


One of cooperative Ineza members entertaining visitors.

The Gasabo district executive welcomed each of the representatives and thanked them for their daily support to the widows. The RDB representative delivered a message from RDB head, thanking the widows for fighting strongly and making something of themselves and the country. With that, he generously presented a 5 million check to the cooperative.


RDB Representative presenting a check of five million to the Cooperative.

In closing remarks, AVEGA’s representative first acknowledged Cooperative Ineza for being like “milk that produces butter.” She then highly appreciated RDB for its thoughts and actions. She also admired the Rwandese people’s ubumuntu (humanity). She closed by saying, “God listens to widows the most, and he asks us to take care of them.” The event closed with a prayer of thanksgiving and blessings.


Some of products made by Cooperative Ineza members.

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