REMA renovated a house of AVEGA Agahozo member

On the 30th of June, 2017 AVEGA inaugurated a house renovated by Rwanda Environment Agency (REMA). The renovated house belongs to Ernestine Kazarwa, a widow of the Genocide against the Tutsi and member of AVEGA, with two sons. This house which is located in Rwamagana district, Gahengeri, was getting old and falling apart. However, REMA completely renewed it by repairing and painting the walls, adding furniture to the living room, putting a new timber roof on top of it, and adding new toilets, bathroom, and electricity. It went from a brick to stone and cemented house.

Event attendees touring Ernestine’s house.

This inauguration event which brought both AVEGA and REMA together was also attended by Ernestine’s neighbours and friends.

AVEGA President, REMA officials and Ernestine neighbours posing for a photo.
In her speech, Colette Ruhamya, REMA Director thanked workers for their work and asked them to continue in that path. She asked them to use what God gave them to show ubumuntu (humanity) opposite to the past inhumanity. She also thanked AVEGA Agahozo for their work and mission. Lastly, she assured the widow that everyone including neighbours, AVEGA, REMA, and the government love them. “Never feel alone,” she said.

AVEGA President (in a black shirt) and REMA officials discussing while inside Ernestine’s house.

Giving her speech of thanksgiving at the event, AVEGA Agahozo President, Valerie Mukabayire happily acknowledged REMA’s help. She went on to say, “Thank you from the bottom of our hearts. The good done to us is through your good hearts. A high end deed is not measured by a lot of money but a lot of heart. When one of our members worries or celebrates, we all worry or celebrate. This renovation is a reduction of the agony she had. I also hope the neighbours stay forever by her side. This is only just the beginning of our partnership and friendship. May you long live!”

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