The retreat of AVEGA AGAHOZO psychologists held on 23-25/9/2016 at AVEGA-AGAHOZO, Rwamagana branch whereby the topics were “Collaboration and teamwork (Intervesion), Supervision of professionalism (Supervision Clinique) In this retreat, psychologists have also taken a break which is professionally called “Counsellor Care” This retreat has been officially opened by Xaverina Mujawayezu, one of AVEGA-AGAHOZO leaders at national level. These psychologists reach the number of 34 and work in 30 districts and Hospitals countrywide, said that it is a good time to refresh their mind as far as they spent a lot of forces and energies depending on the nature of their work in counseling trauma cases and other special issues. They also said that this retreat really refresh and pushes them to continue performing their tusks and responsibilities and gain an expected result at work.

Visiting the elder genocide widows hosted in a house called “house of elder hood “that located in Rwamagana district, Fumbwe sector was the part of this retreat. These psychologists have entertained the elders in traditional songs and took time to surname one of them who got the new name “MUBERARUGO”.

They secondarily visited a young boy genocide survivor who has disability for 6 years and rest on the bed for every time at Rwamagana hospital. Finally, they visited a genocide widow who suffer from cancer and stay at home in Gasabo district. This widow is in danger because she can’t even know someone who is near her and she only wait for the last day. This visit has the aim of showing them that they think of them and giving some material that can support (Moral and material support). By concluding ,we really express our thanks to everyone that has contribute to this activities, especially AVEGA-AGAHOZO ,organizer of the retreat, FARG as our good partner and specialists that help to empower AVEGA-AGAHOZO psychologists in order to perfection their work.

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