Last week, AVEGA – AGAHOZO lost two of its members

Last week, AVEGA – AGAHOZO lost three of its members: Mukamisha Dorothée,Mutumwambazi Speciose and Nyirabikari Ancille. Both Dorothée and Ancille were from the Huye District in the Southern Province and had survived the genocide against the Tutsis in 1994. Dorothée, born in 1941, was an Incike of the Genocide and this means she had lost all her children and her husband during the genocide. Ancille leaves two children behind.
AVEGA-AGAHOZO is saddened to see her members go, 22 years after passing through the horrors of the genocide. AVEGA-AGAHOZO will always remember their courage, resilience and persistence to strive for a better life. They will not be forgotten as Fellow survivors and children will still be there to keep their memory and strength alive.

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