Speech of Executive Secretary on Saturday 14th May 2016 Addressing AB Bank Employees

Dear Ms Arah , Representative of AB Bank
Dear Mr Kabisa , President of AVEGA in Sector Kigarama
Dear Ms Epiphanie, who are welcoming us today
Dear Distinguished Guests of Honor, Employees of AB Bank, Members and colleagues of Avega.

It is my pleasure to be with you today for this Umuganda activity and for the official launch of a house renovation initiative by AB Bank for one member of this community who is also a member of AVEGA.
During the 100 days of commemoration of the genocide against the Tutsi, we remember a lot. Especially the void it created in our hearts, in our family, in our community and our Country.
In this Country however, it is also a period during which we have the opportunity to measure what we are capable to do, at this moment, to help overcome the deep consequences of the genocide against the Tutsi .
Today AB Bank decided to join the community of AVEGA by giving a hand to one of her members.
Arriving at a moment in time when you are able to give a hand without being asked, shows strength, solidarity, humanity and faith.
All of the elements that lacked during the 100 days 22 years ago.
Someone said that solidarity is an attitude of resistance or it should be.
One is always touched when one find a friend in the darkest of hours.
One is full of wonder when we find a solidarity of friends. It creates endurance, patience and determination and in the face of adversity. Something that members of AVEGA practice despite a lack of means.
However, weakness lies not in the fact of having little. It lies in the fact that you believe you have nothing to share with your fellow beings.
That is why I want to salute the strength and determination of all present today.
Solidarity is also at the very opposite of genocide denial and negationism. Because you recognize what happened to you and your fellow being. And you recognize the difference you can make.
Solidarity is then an essential element of fighting genocide ideology and genocide denial.

I would like to end by thanking
• The authorities for helping us organize this day and for collaborating with AVEGA every day.
• AB Bank for your initiative and bringing us all together
• Mr Kabissa , for leading the AVEGA community here in Kigarama
• Ms Epiphanie, for your grace and hospitality
• And lastly, The AVEGA members for the solidarity they show every day.

Thank you.

Freya De Clercq

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