On 11th February , AVEGA President and Staff have received a big delegation of Malawi Parliament accompanied by some Rwandan Parliament members.

On 11th February at Avega-Agahozo head office, AVEGA President and Staff have received a big delegation of Malawi Parliament accompanied by some Rwandan Parliament members.

The main objective of this visit was to see and lean from AVEGA’s achievements.

With much pleasure #AVEGA President welcomed the delegation warmly and gave them general image of #AVEGA, its mission, vision, and overall objective of its creation. The president of association kept on giving the key achievements of #AVEGA, its contribution to the welfare of Rwandan women most especially Genocide widows. She also mentioned following key achievements through Avega Agahozo operational programs. #AVEGA has decentralized activities whereby 5 regional offices were opened, namely Eastern, Western, Southern, North, and Kigali City, in order to be closer to the intended vulnerable groups and know their problems and try to look for possible solutions. #AVEGA has built 3 Health Centers which mainly give medical facilities and counseling to Genocide Widows and the general public in the process of unity and reconciliation. The President kept explaining about services of counseling which help survivors in general to rebuild morally and psychologically. In each health AVEGA’S health Centre there is a counselor plus one counselor per each district. we have a counselor who receives and provide assistance to those having trauma and specifically those who are HIV+, counseling services are offered both in groups and individually. There are other counselors based on 3 reference hospitals. Psycho-social animators trained on trauma issues to help and follow up widows in their community via active listening and through sensitization on trauma issues. #AVEGA helps widows also In Justice, Advocacy and Information, in Socio-Economic Development Program and Capacity Building.

After all President of #AVEGA welcomed open discussion where Malawi MPs asked different questions.

President of Avega Agahozo concluded by thanking Rwandan Government for good international relationship that resulted to the visit of Malawi MPs, also thanked much Malawi MPs for choosing #AVEGA amongst many organizations in Rwanda.


The Head of the delegation thanked the president for her presentation and talked about the aim of the visit from Malawi to #AVEGA which was to see and learn about the work done by Avega Agahozo, she said that, it will inspire them to do the same in Malawi despite it is not the same case, by taking same programs and use them for women in Malawi. She continued saying that so much have been learnt like unity, perseverance, working together, and economic empowerment. She appreciated that Avega Agahozo have prioritized to help thousands of Genocide widows.”We will advise Ministry of Gender in Malawi to apply the same approaches as Avega Agahozo did” added the Head of delegation.

The head of Delegation therefore concluded by appreciating solidarity seen in #AVEGA, the way they were hosted and warmly welcomed.

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